Equal Futures 2022 – Gender Equality Summit

Several members of the SCWIST leadership team were inspired by the opportunity to participate in Equal Futures 2022 along with over 220 attendees from gender equality organizations across Canada. SCWI… Read More

Mental Self-Care for Mamas with Careers

We all know mamas do a hundred different things for their families every day. They find time to play with the kids, finish the chores, exercise, meal plan, grocery shop, drop off and pick up the kids… Read More

Event Recap: Quantum Leaps Conference Series – Where Environment Meets Tech Careers

Written by Akanksha Chudgar, and Camila Castaneda, SCWIST Communications and Events Coordinator. Edited by Ashley van der Pouw Kraan, SCWIST Communications and Events Coordina… Read More

Event Recap: 2022 Wonder Women Networking Evening

Written by Jordana Smith, WWNE Event Coordinator, Danniele Livengood, WWNE Emcee and Camila Castaneda SCWIST Communications and Events Coordinator. On March 9, 2022, SCWIST and Science World ho… Read More

Bridging the Pay Gap through Policy Action

SCWIST was honoured to host an esteemed panel of speakers who have been championing gender equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout their careers: Olivia Chow (Former Member of Parliament and Exe… Read More

Enhancing Diversity in our STEM Community

On October 1st, the Student Biotechnology Network hosted their annual Building Biotech Expo, a leading networking event with the best and the brightest of the BC biotech and life sciences industry.… Read More

SCWIST Science Symposium Winners Announced!

For the past 15 weeks, young female scientists have been presenting their work to a panel of judges and onlookers at the SCWIST Science Symposium. The students, still completing their undergraduate… Read More

International Equal Pay Day: Awareness and Action

SCWIST Project Manager Cheryl Kristiansen recently participated in an International Equal Pay Day event on September 18th to create awareness and encourage action towards pay equity. The Lean In Canad… Read More

Brown Bag: Continuing to grow your career while starting a family

Presentation by Martina Wan LockwoodWritten by Nusayba Sultana SCWIST’s Brown Bag events are an opportunity to ‘lunch and learn’ with professional women from a variety of STEM fie… Read More

2021 Wonder Women Networking Evening: 30 Years Strong!

On March 11, 2021, SCWIST and Science World hosted the 30th annual Wonder Women Networking Evening—and this time: virtually! Networking in a pandemic: can it be done? Networking virtually: truly… Read More