IWIS – Immigrating Women in STEM

Our Immigrating Women in STEM (IWIS) program has a mission to develop a supportive community where women can share their experiences, seek advice, and broaden their networks. SCWIST recognizes the challenges that can come with being a newcomer to Canada and building a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Our events and workshops are designed to help internationally trained women in STEM to start and build their careers in Canada.

What can IWIS Offer You?


Our IWIS networking events are a safe and low-pressure environment for immigrant women in STEM to learn from other successful immigrant STEM professionals as well as individuals who support the immigrant community. Speakers include immigrant women from diverse STEM backgrounds who share their experiences and offer advice to overcome obstacles they face as female newcomers in STEM fields. 

Skill Development Workshops

Our IWIS workshops provide tools for immigrant women to find success in Canada’s STEM industries. These sessions include a focus on specific challenges faced by many newcomers, developing actionable skills to address these challenges and providing a casual, safe environment to practice and develop these skills before applying them in the workplace. Past workshops include:

  • Investing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Career Transitions into Tech (with YWCA)
  • Finding Your Voice (with ISSofBC)

SCWIST Career Fair

Since 2019, SCWIST has been hosting a Women in STEM Career Fair!  The event includes exhibitors from high-profile technology companies, up-and-coming local startups and organizations that support women in STEM. In addition to exhibitors, the career fair includes: 

  • Resume review sessions
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Inspiring keynote speeches


You’ll get access to an excellent selection of resources tailored towards immigrating professional women. These include:

  • A monthly SCWIST newsletter to stay connected with the best events, stories and career information
  • Mentorship through our free MakePossible platform
  • IWIS – information and resource package – It contains links to sites about career planning, high-level ESL (English as a second language) courses and networking

Benefits of Joining IWIS

  • Become part of the Vancouver Immigrant Women in STEM community
  • Connect with a large group of immigrant and non-immigrant women through SCWIST events
  • Gain valuable information faster through IWIS resources
  • Develop job search and career skills by attending IWIS events
  • Volunteer for IWIS to develop your skills through the custom volunteering program and gain very important Canadian experience

Participate in IWIS

IWIS events are available to the general public, and if you become a SCWIST member, you will also enjoy membership discounts and access to volunteering opportunities to help develop your leadership skills. As a SCWIST member, you will become part of a community of diverse and dynamic women passionate about STEM. It’s easy to sign up! Find out more about SCWIST membership and its benefits at the SCWIST Membership page.

Upcoming IWIS Events

Please keep an eye on SCWIST’s Event Calendar; all upcoming IWIS events will be posted there.

Other helpful resources if you’re new to Canada

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