Careers in Science Communication

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As using digital media to communicate both science and misinformation becomes normalized, it has become crucially important to discuss how we are sharing public information regarding health, education, and the environment.

On November 29th, SCWIST invited six professional women from various STEM fields to discuss their career paths and how they use science communication in the digital world.

During the event, the speakers shared their diverse perspectives on how they used science communication to drive community engagement, how to harness the power of sci-comm and to make it more understandable and accessible and the innovations they are leading in their respective fields.

SCWIST would like to extend its deepest thanks to Claudia Beliveau, PhD Candidate, Sara J. ElShafie, PhD, Maddie Massy-Westropp, B.Sc (Adv), M.Phil, Elaine Yong, Kaylee Byers, PhD, and Lillian Hung, RN PhD for speaking at this event and to Alison Müller, PhD for moderating.

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