Our Work

Our Vision

To create an environment where women and girls in Canada can pursue their interest, education, and careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) without barriers.

Supporting women in STEM fields and encouraging young girls and women to choose careers in these fields is not an easy journey. SCWIST has a great story to tell!

Ronel A

Our Values & Mission

Our values drive our mission, programs and the work that we do every day to achieve this vision.


To provide activities, mentorship, and leadership that encourages women and girls to accomplish their dreams


To remove barriers and raise public awareness by advocating for inclusive policies and equitable practices in education, the workplace, and in government


To inspire innovation and encourage excellence through positive role models and outreach programs


To foster connections through professional networks and programs developed in partnership with the community


To boost the participation, retention, and advancement of women in the STEM workplace by facilitating networking, mentoring, and advocating for policies that advance gender equality

I joined the SCWIST Board to share my enthusiasm and passion to increase STEM opportunities for girls and women.

Dhalie P.

Our Progress

SCWIST is a leader in programs, partnerships, scholarships and networks across Canada for women and girls in STEM.


Youth Engaged in STEM activities across 8 Provinces in Canada (2021)


Scholarships for Youth & Women in Under-represented Groups (2021)


Participants in Networking Events, Workshops & Job Fair (2021)


MakePossible Members Across Canada

Why Women in STEM?

The Women Who Shaped Canada

Canada’s complex history did not begin on the shores of the St. Lawrence. Even before confederation on July 1st, 1867, Canada has been the birthplace to some of the most influential figures in STEM during their time.

A Century of Lost Voices

The proud history of Canadian women’s contribution to STEM is just a glimpse at what could have been in the early years of our country. Low participation rates, minimal engagement in the workforce, and societal influence kept the voices of many brilliant women in Canada from ever being heard.

A New Chapter in our History

Being proud of our heritage doesn’t mean we can’t strive to improve. SCWIST’s mission guides us to help women and girls write our future and create new histories, where everyone, regardless of gender, works together to build a better Canada.

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