Mental Self-Care for Mamas with Careers

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Written by Ashley van der Pouw Kraan

We all know mothers do a hundred different things for their families every day. They find time to play with the kids, finish the chores, exercise, meal plan, grocery shop, drop off and pick up the kids from their after-school activities, make vet appointments and deal with all the other demands of day-to-day life — and often they accomplish all this after a long day of work.

This hectic schedule can be overwhelming for the most organized and energetic of moms and can lead to feelings of frustration, distress and even burnout.

These are the types of feelings that Nadine Stille wants to help all working moms avoid.

Stille is a Holistic Happiness Coach for stressed mamas with careers. She re-energizes them for more well-being, success, and joy on their own terms. SCWIST recently had the pleasure of hosting Stille as she delivered her ‘Mental Self-Care for Mamas with Careers’ workshop.

Being a mama with a career comes with a unique set of challenges and expectations. Stress and other negative feelings (like frustration, impatience, and ‘mom-guilt’) impact how happy and productive we are in our personal and professional lives.

And in those stressful situations, we can often be our worst enemy instead of our fiercest cheerleader.

During the workshop, Stille taught us that it is time that we treat ourselves with kindness and empathy; just like we’d show understanding, encouragement, and love to our children when they are having a tough time. After all, we’ll be more successful AND happier when we act out of kindness and love, rather than negativity and fear.

Watch the whole workshop here:

Want to learn more? You can connect with Nadine on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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