MakePossible: Redefining Mentorship

Are you looking for a community of diverse STEM professionals to share your experience and support your STEM career?

MakePossible is a mentoring community designed to support and empower STEM professionals in their career journeys.

In the MakePossible community, everyone can tap into a supportive network that understands their unique challenges and aspirations while finding mentors, enhancing their skills, sharing expertise, collaborating, exploring career paths and expanding their networking connections.

MakePossible is mentoring by community – for community.

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MakePossible offers flexibility to create mentoring connections that are tailored to your specific needs. These connections can be further enriched through interactive meetings, informative workshops and engaging networking programs.

As a member of MakePossible, you also gain access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to fuel your professional growth:

  • Daily Updates: Stay connected with the vibrant MakePossible community through our updates, which introduce new members and keep you informed about the latest programs and initiatives.
  • Networking Programs and Professional Development: Expand your network and gain valuable insights by participating in our mentoring engagement activities. Take advantage of professional development opportunities to sharpen your skills and stay ahead in your field.
  • Skills and Expertise: Follow individuals and join discussions specific to your interests, skills and areas of expertise. This enables you to connect with other STEM professionals, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on areas of mutual interest.
  • Groups: Join specialized groups where you can connect with peers from similar sectors or organizations. These groups are currently being developed and will serve as valuable forums for industry-specific discussions, sharing experiences, and exploring new avenues together. Community members are also welcome to connect with MakePossible hosts to create their own groups.

MakePossible membership is diverse, encompassing individuals from various backgrounds and career stages. From undergraduates to postdocs, junior to mid-career professionals, and even senior leaders and CEOs, the community represents a wide spectrum of expertise across broad STEM sectors, including academia, corporate environments, and non-profit organizations. While our roots are in Canada, we are expanding internationally, forging connections and fostering opportunities on a global scale.

Ready to join a thriving community and embark on an exciting journey of professional growth and empowerment?

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MakePossible is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform, which can be accessed via your desktop or phone app.


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