Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces

SCWIST and WomanACT have partnered to create Safe STEM Workplaces by providing tailored support and training to companies within the STEM fields.

The Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces project will provide assistance to STEM companies by collaborating with them to develop comprehensive policies, establish trauma-informed reporting mechanisms, and create avenues for resolution and referral pathways. As well, the project will assist with providing legal support and resources for victims of sexual harassment within the Canadian STEM industry.

Research has shown that one in four Canadians has experienced sexual harassment at work or at a work function (Angus Reid Institute). Sexual harassment in the workplace can negatively impact productivity and motivation in the workplace, increase stress, as well as increase the likelihood of employees leaving their jobs. 

Partner with us

SCWIST and WomanACT are accepting applications from proactive STEM workplaces that are interested in becoming involved in this innovative pilot project. Partner companies will receive the following support:

  • Collaborative development and delivery of training on legislation; rights and responsibilities of employers and employees; and bystander intervention;
  • Support with development of policy and trauma-informed reporting mechanisms;
  • Establishing avenues for resolution and referral routes to support;
  • Strategies for increasing transparency.


If your organization may be a good fit as a partner for this project, please refer to the Letter of Interest (LOI) for more information and a form to contact us. Any questions may be submitted to Safe Stem

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