Chat with Us Series: Rendez-vous with an Assessment Officer

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Are you wondering what to do after your master’s, doctorate, or postdoctoral fellowship? Want to learn about science careers outside of academia?

SCWIST-Quebec recently hosted Dr. Edna Matta-Camacho, an Assessment Officer at the Therapeutic Products Directorate at Health Canada and co-founder and general director of STEM sin Fronteras Fondation.

Dr. Matta-Camacho shared her experiences and perspectives around scientific positions in the Canadian government. Various topics were discussed, including:

  • The role of an Assessment Officer in the Pharmaceutical Drugs Directorate at Health Canada,
  • Edna’s career in the academic, private, NGOs and the government,
  • Career opportunities at Health Canada,
  • Do’s and don’ts in the application and interview process.

Mom, Leader & EDI Advocate

Edna Matta-Camacho MSc. mMBA. PhD, is a scientist with more than 15 years of combined national and international experience in research and management for academia, private, non-government organization and government sectors.

She holds a degree in Chemistry from Universidad Nacional in Colombia, a master’s degree in Biochemistry from UNAM in Mexico, a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University, and an MBA from Carleton University in Canada.

Today, Dr. Matta-Camacho is an Assessment Officer at the Therapeutic Products Directorate in Health Canada, where she oversees scientific files of basic and applied research to assess and advise on the potential benefits and risks of prescription pharmaceutical drugs for human use.

As the founder and general director of the STEM sin Fronteras (Without Borders) Foundation, a Colombo-Canadian project, Dr. Matta-Camacho strives to position education and equity in the rural areas of Colombia and Latin America.

She is also a co-founder of the Immigrant & International Women in Science Network and a member of the steering committee for the Health Products and Food Branch Science Network, a community that promotes scientific excellence, advises on horizontal science issues, and facilitates science-policy integration in Canada.

“By creating education accessible to everyone, especially minorities and low-income populations, we can lower the barriers in STEM fields and social disparities worldwide.”

Dr. Matta-Camacho

Watch: Rendez-vous with an Assessment Officer

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