Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes! SCWIST is a diverse and inclusive organization that recognizes that everyone has a unique role to play in the removal of societal barriers preventing gender equality in STEM fields. We welcome all allies and include all who want to support SCWIST’s mission in their own way, including becoming a volunteer, becoming a member, donating to support our programs, and attending our events.

A: Our programs help a diversity of people, including women and girls! We understand that many of the socio-economic barriers faced by women and girls affect men and boys too.

Our MakePossible mentoring community welcomes men and women since we recognize that mentors come in all backgrounds, ages and genders.

Some of our youth engagement programming is delivered at community events and schools to encourage engagement in STEM for all children, and our Indigenous Youth programs are inclusive of the whole family to raise the profile of STEM careers in the entire community.

A: Absolutely! Anyone who believes in the mission and goals of SCWIST is welcome to join our membership, attend our events, and volunteer with us. Getting involved with SCWIST is a great way to develop your STEM skills, which are useful for everyone! Eighty percent of the jobs of the future will require STEM skills.

A: The main office for SCWIST is located in Vancouver, BC. Our programs are offered throughout BC and the Yukon, and across Canada through our affiliates and community partners. Our MakePossible mentoring community has members across Canada and is expanding internationally.

A: SCWIST was founded in 1981 and is still going strong with the help of our members, volunteers, community partners, donors, sponsors and funding agencies who support our programs.

SCWIST is a not-for-profit organization and registered charity.

A: SCWIST has plenty of volunteer opportunities to suit your interests, experience and expertise. Check out our Become a Volunteer Page to learn more.

A: SCWIST can provide you with the opportunity to develop a network that includes support, encouragement, and mentorship. Get involved in SCWIST: come to one of our many events, volunteer for one of our committees, or simply sign up and start reading our newsletters.

To find a mentor or become a mentor, you can join our SCWIST MakePossible online mentoring network. Its FREE, takes less than 5 minutes to register. We also offer our ms infinity eMentoring program that pairs girls with professional women in STEM to connect through a structured 7-week program.

A: We want to help you recruit diverse STEM talent for your organization! We know that diversity in STEM is a competitive advantage: diversity drives innovation, creative solutions, collaboration and improved economic performance.

Email us at and we’ll let you know about the options we offer for posting STEM-related jobs to reach our extensive STEM networks.

Our SCWIST membership profile includes demographic questions that help us tailor our programs, events and services to the needs of our members.

Summary demographic data is also used to support our advocacy work and provide our funders with information on our effectiveness and reach.

The information you provide is individually confidential and SCWIST will not share data linked to your name at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact of Director of Membership at

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