Author: AndreaJonker

Women as Builders: The Need for More Women in Architecture

By Kassandra Burd When we think of a builder or an architect, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of us envision a strong, rugged man pounding away at nails with a hammer on a rooftop. Or perha… Read More

SCWIST Short Term Contract Opportunity

SCWIST is seeking a resourceful and proactive contractor, “Communications and Events Process Improvement Specialist“, to join our team. The role reports to the Director of Policy & Imp… Read More

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

SCWIST recently participated in the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT) – Closing the Gender Pay Gap event hosted by the Women’s Leadership Council. Cheryl Kristiansen, Make DIVERSITY Possible… Read More

Women’s Role in The Race to a COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent In the midst of a health pandemic, it is difficult to hold on to hope. The influx of negative news bombarding our soci… Read More

Call for Board Directors

Serving on the SCWIST Board of Directors is an exciting opportunity to gain leadership experience and express your voice as a woman in STEM while helping SCWIST to promote, encourage and emp… Read More