Science-Based Strength Training with Silvia Hua

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Strength Training Made Understandable

SCWIST had the pleasure of hosting Silvia Hua for Science-Based Strength Training as the Ultimate Office Ergonomics, an event in our Brown Bag series. 

Science and technology are a big part of the work STEM professionals do every day. So how do you leverage science and technology to counteract the toll of sedentary desk work on your body? In this hands-on workshop, busy STEM professionals learned what to prioritize in their exercise routine to improve posture and reduce pain. Then, Silvia shared practical strategies on how to include strength training in your life, even if it is just one minute at a time.

After the event, participants felt they had the skills to: 

  • Confidently exercise regularly
  • Know how to keep their bodies feeling good
  • Be able to work without the distraction of pain

Time to Get Started!

Want to get started on your own strength training journey? Silvia has an excellent video series that will walk you through how to do the most high-impact exercises in the shortest amount of time.

About Silvia Hua

During her 4 years working as a kinesiologist, Silvia helped hundreds of workers return to work after enduring an injury. She realized that many of the injuries she treated were due to a lack of strength and poor posture. Silvia then switched to personal training to help people become more proactive with their health. As a recent data science graduate, Silvia is now seeking her next opportunity in tech to create better health and fitness apps and devices.

Get Involved

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This event was a part of our 2023 Brown Bag Lecture Series, informal learning sessions where experts from across STEM present on their area of expertise. SCWIST sets up workshops, panel discussions and networking events for the STEM community. If you are a STEM speaker, coach or organization looking to collaborate, please reach out to us. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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