Performing a Life Audit with a Habit and Health Coach

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On August 17th, SCWIST hosted a life audit workshop with Habit and Health Coach Amritha Premasuthan.

Amritha works with professionals who don’t find time for themselves. Or may have lost their momentum on aspects they want to pursue.

Attendees reviewed their life goals and values to evaluate if their lives are going the way they wanted, and where they may have gone off track.

How to meet yourself where you are at?

Amritha used a tool known as the Wheel of Life to lay out different categories that participants could use to assess their quality of life. These included health, personal growth, business and career, finances, physical environment, family and friends, romance, and fun and recreation.

For each category, Amritha presented supporting questions for the attendees to meditate on. These questions provide the framework to evaluate each particular aspect of their lives.

For personal growth, Amritha asked how much each attendee valued their personal growth and how open they are to new experiences.

For attendees’ physical environment, they were asked if they felt safe, secure, and comfortable.

To dissect finances, Amritha asked if attendees felt their income was high enough to meet all needs, if they were dependent on loans and if they had any debt.

In terms of community, participants were invited to think about their relationships with their family and friends. If they have supportive relationships that are trustworthy and add value to their lives their friendships could be counted on.

Where do you want to be?

After making their way through all the categories, attendees then calculated the gap between where they are today and where they wanted to be, using a 1 to 10 scale. Then, depending on the gaps they saw and their personal preferences, they selected two areas to work on.

How to build sustainable habits with Amritha Premasuthan, habit and health coach, lat SFU Venture Labs.
Amritha is a Forensic Scientist-turned-certified Habit and Health Coach. She supports clients from different parts of the world raising awareness, clarity, and direction to help them become the best version of themselves.

With those two areas in mind, the participants wrote one or two goals and a short list of actions, habits and potential obstacles to tackle.

For example, if someone wanted to work on their health, their goal could be to improve their fitness levels. Their action would be to start going for walks, and the habit would be to schedule the time or find a walking partner. The tackle could be prepare everything the night before so they are ready to walk first thing in the morning.

Amritha’s final tips?

To help you begin, always choose a start date. Then begin with your small or short-term goals. And always check in with yourself emotionally before and after achieving the task.

Want to learn more habit and health improvement strategies? You can always connect with Amritha on Facebook and Instagram.

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