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President Blog August 2014

Throughout my many years in the corporate world I have learned about the impact of changing the form of a team by adding/removing members and about how the famous sequence of “forming, storming, normi… Read More

Presidents Blog: June

There are certain things at SCWIST we can predict with great certainty as it has shown in the past 33 years – the commitment of people getting engaged with the organization at the board and volunteer… Read More

Presidents Blog: May

Our May SCWIST board meeting was mostly about the upcoming AGM which will take place on June 18th at the Brock House in Point Grey. To prepare for the AGM, we reviewed the YTD financial report, went t… Read More

Presidents Blog: April

In case you were ever wondering about how everything at SCWIST gets done, we actually meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:15 pm and often run until about 10 pm! One might think it’s challe… Read More

Presidents Blog: February 2014

As SCWIST’s Board of Directors and members gear up for one of the most exciting years for our organization, I am honoured to be called upon to take over the role of Acting President by our Board of Di… Read More