Presidents Blog: June

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There are certain things at SCWIST we can predict with great certainty as it has shown in the past 33 years – the commitment of people getting engaged with the organization at the board and volunteer levels and the support of funders and past presidents.

2014 AGM is an example of this support and commitment when our fabulous groups of funders and past presidents as well as new and old members and volunteers were present to support the event. I couldn’t be more proud to serve as the President of SCWIST.  The event itself was wonderful: beautiful venue combined with great food and warm ambiance while Rosine (past president) ran the event as MC.

We started with President’s report and highlights of last year accomplishments, then every board member provided the outline of their areas align with the plans for the new term.

Maria Issa (past president and funder) was announced as the lifetime member of SCWIST and we all (including her husband, Peter) had an emotional moment when she accepted this fabulous award.

Status of Women project manager (Cheryl) and IT guru (Flo) provided update for our audience with a demo of upcoming mentorship solution before we complete the event and indulge in more conversation and delicious desert at Brock House restaurant.

I thought what I have achieved during the past year after I started as the Director of Strategic Development till today serving as Scwist President and here is my list:

– Have learned way more about what SCWIST ‘is’ and ‘stands for’
– Have been exposed to a broad range of perspectives and opportunities
– Have made wonderful new friends and support system
– Have found new hopes toward better positioning women in STEM in our society

Let me take this opportunity to thank three past board members who will not continue as directors and still supporting us: Rosine for her dedication and passion for SCWIST as past President and MC of the event, Sandy Eix our Director of Outreach who helped us to find her succession, ran XX event and helped us in the time of crisis by taking over the dual role of secretary as well (talking about dedication and commitment, aren’t we?), and Kristen Hodge who helped streamlining our financial statements in the past two years. I’d like also to thank  Maria Issa for her on-going support and wisdom. I am looking forward to seeing more now that you don’t have the Director/President responsibilities

To our new board members, welcome aboard! We are looking forward to working with you closely and effectively toward SCWIST noble goals. To our wonderful Directors who have companied SCWIST last year, THANK YOU! You are the driving force and reason for better and more effective organization.

2014-2015 promises to be a productive year for SCWIST as we will continue with the new initiatives and many outstanding programs SCWIST has developed over the years.

I encourage you to get engaged and check our website frequently for the upcoming events and activities. Ahead of us, there is a year full of promises filled with fun and excitement!

I look forward to working with you and  serving SCWIST and its goals and on behalf of the SCWIST board and our wonderful staff I wish you a safe and happy summer.

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