President Blog August 2014

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Throughout my many years in the corporate world, I have learned about the impact of changing the form of a team by adding/removing members and about how the famous sequence of “forming, storming, norming, performing” to be true. The impact of forming a new team, such as the SCWIST Board of Directors formed after every AGM, depends on the culture and the willingness of each team member in achieving the team vision. That is why a clear vision is the key as well as true collaboration, to minimize the ‘storming and norming’ phases for ‘performing’ to take place.

As the president of SCWIST from January 2014, one of my major goals is streamlining the processes and procedures to enable us work more efficiently within all pillars of SCWIST. At the same time to ensure we expand our reach and support Status of Women (Make Possible Mentoring Network) project, we have to take creative approaches and ensure all areas of the organization are working in tune with each other.

This transformation requires commitment, insight, leadership, and a high performing team.

It has only been two months since the SCWIST AGM in June, but I strongly believe we are on the right path by choosing the right people as new board members. We have all the Director roles assigned and the required knowledge transfer from past board members to the new one completed. The new team of Directors works extremely well together and we have already seen great improvement in a couple of areas such as process improvement by Danniele in her new secretary role. Janny Marie, our Director of Strategic Development, has been structuring our partnership policy and connecting to new potential partners already. Christiana, our Director of Communications has been a great performing individual who has supported the launch of our new SCWIST website along with Jodie, our webmaster. And we love it!

While we were doing the knowledge transfer for treasurer role between Kristen (past Director) and Giselle (our new Director), I learned more about the great work that Louise, our bookkeeper, has been doing for SCWIST.

Andrea is another staff who has joined us with the admin tasks and has taken over daily activities alleviating the Directors to focus on their main tasks: to direct and improve what they are accountable and responsible for.

With such a high performing team of Directors and exciting opportunities, I am absolutely confident about this term and expect great and impressive achievements in the next few months.

Thanks Team and hope you enjoy these beautiful summer days to the fullest.


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