Event Recap: Quantum Leaps – Diverse Careers in STEM

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SCWIST’s Youth Engagement team is currently delivering a series of technology-focused Quantum Leaps – conference-style events where high school girls can learn about and explore careers in STEM.

While historically these events were held in person, the team switched to an online format during the beginning of the pandemic to ensure that girls across Canada would continue to receive access to this valuable information.

The third conference in the series was held on June 16th, 2022, and the theme was Diverse Careers in STEM. During the event, high school girls met and interacted with professionals in a variety of fields including security systems technology, environmental engineering and medical.

Interacting with each of the mentors

During each Quantum Leaps event, SCWIST works diligently to bring in mentors from fields that the students may be relatively unfamiliar yet curious about.

The mentors’ array of backgrounds truly emphasized the wide range of opportunities in STEM. Attendees learned about mapping and geospatial analysis, science communication on social media, careers in immunology and virology and what goes into designing environmentally friendly buildings.

After the event, the students praised the fact that there were so many speakers with such unique perspectives to share throughout the hour-long event.

They also enjoyed how each of the mentors was receptive to answering questions about their careers, which also had the added benefit of creating a more personal and interactive experience for the girls.

Finding a good fit in terms of a career is a process

While the mentors came from a wide variety of backgrounds, they had similar experiences in finding the right career path – most explored a wide range of options and found what they liked most through a process of elimination. Many of the students found it reassuring to hear the mentors speak about how they didn’t always know what direction they wanted to take right after high school, and how they didn’t get every decision right the first time.

Quantum Leaps introduces girls to careers in STEM fields

SCWIST is fortunate to have so many wonderful mentors sharing their experience and expertise at our events.

The Youth Engagement committee delivers free events and workshops across Canada through our multiple provincial teams. If you are a teacher or a STEM professional interested in collaborating please contact JéAnn Watson, our Youth Engagement Director at director-youthengagement@scwist.ca for more information.

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