Why Donate to SCWIST?

SCWIST has made great strides in promoting and empowering women in STEM since 1981.  Your donations help break down barriers for women and girls interested in STEM, support a variety of programs to advance diversity in STEM and increase access for women and girls interested in STEM education and careers. 

SCWIST is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (Reg. No. 119154607RR0001). We rely on your donations to operate the SCWIST Resource Centre; to deliver our comprehensive programs for women and girls; to support our advocacy work; to provide events, workshops and networking opportunities; and to offer scholarships and awards. 

Your Donation Will Support

  • SCWIST workshops, speakers, social events, and networking opportunities for early-stage or mid-career women to make valuable academic and industry contacts, and to develop a sense of community with other women in STEM fields
  • Expanded programming such as job boards and scholarships. SCWIST grows with the new realities; we support and promote girls and women in their wide range of education and career choices throughout their lives.
  • SCWIST advocacy work that focuses on removing systemic barriers and creating structural changes to encourage more girls to enter STEM education and more women to thrive in their STEM careers. We advocate to multiple levels of government and provide resources and support to employers to advance diversity in STEM..
  • The ms infinity program inspires young women in BC, Yukon and across Canada by introducing them to exciting career options and education in STEM. Having a role model is one of the top ways to inspire a girl to see herself in a future STEM role, to strive for it, and learn how to achieve that goal.
  • The Immigrating Women in STEM program (IWIS) offers mentoring and resources to women who have immigrated to Canada after having trained and established careers in STEM in other countries. Our IWIS program provides support to these women who may have additional barriers to achieving their full potential in the Canadian economy and society.
  • The Make Possible program is a low barrier mentoring and skills exchange online platform for adults that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. This reduces barriers and increases access especially for people living in remote communities and balancing career and family obligations.

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Other Ways for You to Donate

There are many options for how you can help SCWIST create an environment where girls and women in Canada can pursue STEM interest, education and careers, without barriers.  Choose a way to donate below and make your gift today. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued.

Legacy Giving

Have you considered what legacy you would like to leave the world?  By considering a gift in your will to SCWIST, you could invest in the future of the next generation of girls and women in STEM.  Here is a link that will help you in your considerations regarding a gift in will: https://www.willful.co/learn/all-about-legacy-gifts . If you have any questions, please contact your financial advisor who can help make the right decision for you. 

Here are links to bequest forms with sample wording to leave a lasting and impactful legacy for women and girls in Canada. 

Sample Wording for Legacy Gift Sample Wording for Charitable Bequest