SCWIST Supports Grade 6 Student to Compete in Global Finals

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Destination Imagination is an educational program where student teams are immersed in the creative process needed to solve open-ended Challenges, and then present their solutions at regional and provincial tournaments held in over 40 countries. If they win at those levels, they may receive an invitation to Global Finals.

Abigail’s team, The Hermit Crabs, has taken on a structural engineering challenge, one of seven possible choices. Each challenge has a different balance of science, technology, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, theater arts, applied arts, writing, and math. In order to be successful, kids have to develop skills in project management, communication, innovation, teamwork and community service.

The Hermit Crabs’ challenge requires them to build the lightest possible structure of a specified size that is able to hold a 10kg weight. The team had to build a device to safely remove parts of the structure, while it continues to hold the weight. Marks are awarded for the lightness of the structure, the ratio of weight removed, and the innovation of the design. In addition to the structure, other members of the team have to write and perform a short play with a narrative and props that mirror the transformation of the structure. All of the research, ideas, and execution of the solution must be done by the children themselves, with zero adult input.

Within the team, Abigail has naturally filled the role of primary engineer and builder. She has a strong interest in science, and is tenacious in her determination to understand difficult concepts. In qualifying rounds, her solutions have consistently beaten all senior level teams. Her qualifying structure was able to achieve a weight removal ratio of 73% and she has been diligently working on a new structure for the global competition that will not only increase the removal ratio to 80%, but will half the starting weight.

The team has headed out May 16 to compete.

Good luck, Hermit Crabs!  We look forward to hearing about the Global Finals!

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