Black Women and the Necessity of Role Models in STEM

By Kassandra Burd It is not enough to say that we aren’t seeing enough women in STEM. When we dig a little deeper, we’re not only witnessing gender-based discrimination, but also race-based discrim… Read More

Advancing Women in STEM: United Nations NGO Commission on Status of Women

By Anja Lanz and Cheryl Kristiansen Honourary SCWIST member, Anja Lanz, a design engineer with a degree in Engineering Physics from UBC, has been actively involved in advancing women in STEM throug… Read More

Women as Builders: The Need for More Women in Architecture

By Kassandra Burd When we think of a builder or an architect, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of us envision a strong, rugged man pounding away at nails with a hammer on a rooftop. Or perha… Read More

The Necessity of Women in Climate Change & Environmentalism

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent Thankfully, there are many women who are making their way to the forefront as climate change activists. Specifically, nume… Read More

Are Women “Made” To Create Robots?

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent With remarkable advancements in technology and robotics in past decades, there is no doubt that technology is the future. Whet… Read More

Quantum Leaps: How STEM and Feminism are Catalysts for the Future

Maia Poon, Chair, 2020 Quantum Leaps Burnaby STEM Conference for Girls Hello, SCWIST! My name is Maia Poon. I am the Chair of the 2020 Quantum Leaps Burnaby STEM Conference for Girls, and I previou… Read More

STEM Career Portrayal in Children’s Media

by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent Kassandra Burd Browsing through the aisles of my favourite bookstore, I come across a Sale stand for a plethora of children… Read More

SCWIST Board & Staff 2018–2019

Kelly Marciniw, CPHR, BBA, MBA |President Kelly Marciniw has served on the SCWIST board since 2016. As of 2018, Kelly is the SCWIST Board President. Her first two years were as our Treasurer and Di… Read More

Girls to the Power of Math

By Alexa Bailey (This article explains a bit about my research and how my girl-to-girl math mentoring program, Girls to the Power of Math, came about.) Alexa Bailey, Girls to the Power of Math… Read More

WISDOM is Power at the University of Manitoba

By Abigail Plantinga Byle Wisdom in Science: Development, Outreach (WISDOM) promotes and supports women in science and technology at the University of Manitoba. WISDOM worksto increase gender diver… Read More