• Learn HOW to use your voice to advocate for women in STEM by exploring our Advocacy Toolkit.

Unconscious Bias

  • Bias Busting Strategies for Individuals by Engendering Success in STEM. Read


  • Seven Ways to be an Ally to Marginalized Groups by Project Management Institute, Toronto. Read
  • Hear That? Say This by Lean In. Read

Mentorship and Sponsorship

  • Mentoring Works – Tips & Strategies by SCWIST. Read
  • Sponsorship & Mentoring Resources by Catalyst. Browse

Intersectionality in STEM

  • Intersectionality in STEM by Engendering Success in STEM. Read

Inclusion Action Toolkit

  • Breakthrough Inclusive Action Toolkit by Science Friday. Read

Basics – Why Diversity Matters?

Start here for an overview of why it’s important to attract diverse talent and create inclusive workplace cultures where everyone thrives.

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Individual Action

Individuals can inspire others to take action, and follow best practices themselves to advance EDI in their communities and workplaces.

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Organizational Action

Organizations can make a big difference! Attract and advance diverse talent. Create an inclusive workplace culture where everyone thrives. Develop policies that focus on equity.

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Government Action

Government policy and legislation can change the frameworks that individuals and corporations operate within. Government also frequently leads the way by example.

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