Meet Youth Skills Development Recipient, Zoe Elverum!

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Zoe Elverum

Youth Skills Development Scholarship

We are thrilled to introduce Zoe Elverum, recipient of the SCWIST Youth Skills Development Scholarship!

This scholarship supports young women by covering the cost of professional development opportunities, such as attending a Science Fair or participating in science-related camps or courses.

Zoe will be using her Youth Skills Development Scholarship to participating in the Skills Canada Nunavut competition. These contests consist of a wide range of competitions from welding, carpentry, baking, and robotics, to graphic design and public speaking. She will be participating in a Job Skills Demonstration, a competition where she will communicate the process of a job or skill.

A Research-Driven Demonstration

Zoe will draw on her own research experience to present her findings related to the Franklin Expedition. Specifically, she will demonstrate how Parks Canada researchers employed trades and technology to locate the lost ships of this historic Arctic expedition. Her presentation will illustrate the intersection of research and technology, showing how these elements work together to achieve groundbreaking discoveries.

Get Involved

Our Youth Skills Development Scholarship provides $500 to be used for professional development expenses. This could include fees for events, travel, or any other costs related to your chosen program. Apply now to take the next step in your STEM journey and share your experiences with the SCWIST community!

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