Introducing Zoe Elverum!

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Zoe Elverum

Introducing Zoe Elverum, one of the incredibly talented recipients of the SCWIST Youth Skills Development Scholarship. She will be participating in the Skills Nunavut Territorial and Skills Canada competition. These contests consist of a wide range of competitions from welding, carpentry, baking, and robotics, to graphic design and public speaking. She will be participating in a Job Skills Demonstration, a competition where she will communicate the process of a job or skill. Zoe hopes to educate her audience on the importance of research. She will demonstrate the job of a researcher. Having conducted research herself, she will present her research findings that are related to how Parks Canada researchers used trades and technology to find the lost ships of the Franklin Expedition in the Arctic. 

More information on SCWIST’s Youth Skills Development Scholarship can be found here:

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