Updates from ms infinity – Accepting New Volunteers for the Ms Infinity eMentoring Program

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We are currently accepting new volunteers for the ms infinity eMentoring program. eMentoring is an eight-week program that pairs a young woman in Grade 11 or 12 with a woman currently working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Sessions run twice/year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Pairs are matched based on mutual interests and the career aspirations of the student. Both mentors and mentees come from all over the province, allowing girls access to women they might never have to opportunity to meet in their hometowns. Throughout the eight weeks, girls are introduced to careers they didn’t know existed, learn about what it takes to get through university, and discuss the unique challenges and benefits of being a woman in science. Mentors get the opportunity to share their passion and inspire the next generation.

Each week, the ms infinity Program Coordinator sends out a discussion topic or question for the pairs to talk about over the next few days. All correspondence is done over email with optional opportunities to Skype and/or share photos of work environments. Requirements for volunteers are minimal – you must complete an application form and provide two references. You are welcome to participate in as many sessions as you like. The time commitment is approximately an hour per week for each 8-week session, depending on the relationship that develops with your mentee.

The Spring session is going to run from Apr 6 – May 31. Women from all backgrounds and all fields are encouraged to apply. We may not have a match for everyone expressing interest each session depending on the requests of the students (we like to match as closely as possible). We are especially in need of additional mentors in Medical fields (physicians, medical researchers, nurses, veterinarians, etc). We currently have a large number of young women on the wait list for the Spring session, and would like to see as many of them matched with mentors as possible!

If you are interested in applying to become an eMentor, please contact Jeannine McCormack, ms infinity Program Coordinator, msinfinity@scwist.ca

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