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Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Join SCWIST to help clean up Spanish Banks in Vancouver, BC

SCWIST invites you to join this cleanup event. Meet new people, get some exercise, and do something good for the environment. This is an opportunity to meet SCWIST members and others interested in science and tech in a “meet-up” group activity. We will head to a local café for tea or coffee after the cleanup.

  • Date: 12 September 2015
  • Starts: 10:30 am
  • Meeting location: Spanish Bank Parking lot. Details to be determined.
  • Group name: SCWIST helps the Environment

Cleanup location description: Spanish Bank Creek – the mouth of the stream, and beaches to the West and East. Between beach to the West and Spanish Banks West Concession to the East.

Register here for the Shoreline Cleanup and SCWIST meet-up.

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