Achieving 50-30: Five Insights for Advocacy Champions to Help Move the Dial for Women in STEM


Representation for women in STEM remains low across Canada in spite of the recent increase in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) resources and consulting firms. In an effort to understand how STEM companies can catalyze change, 552 STEM employees responded to SCWIST when asked about their perspectives on EDI and what they feel would increase representation for women in STEM. We asked them about their perspectives on diversity, why their company should be talking about EDI, which challenges should be tackled first and most importantly how these issues should be addressed in the workspace. When analyzing the results of our survey, SCWIST took into account gender, years of experience, roles/positions, and the size of an organization/market. #SCWISTAdvocacy aims to provide valuable insights to Advocacy Champions within STEM companies to help move the dial for women in STEM.

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