SCWIST SIGs: Looking Towards the Future and Bringing Equity in STEM to the Forefront

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SCWIST chapters are transforming! They are becoming more specialized and targeted committees called SIGs (special interest groups).

This important work has been initiated with the support and commitment from our SCWIST Vice President, Dr. Poh Tan, to allow our regional SIGs to work even more closely with SCWIST national to continue to carry out our mission and vision forward while further streamlining our national operations. SCWIST SIGs have created and conducted many successful programs for professional development and engagement with our members over the past few years.

To better equip each regional SIG for planning into the future, we will be working from a collaborative and collective place during the last few months of 2021. We will use this time to thoroughly reflect on the needs and support of each SIG and more importantly, we will use this time to create a strategic framework to start laying the foundations for supporting the incredible work from our passionate and dedicated volunteers.

On behalf of SCWIST’s SIGs in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and future SIGs in Canada and beyond, we look forward to engaging with our members, board of directors, and community to bring events and programs to redefine what it means to be a woman in STEM.

I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge Dr. Poh Tan, our SCWIST Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising, and her team who have offered their commitment, support and invaluable guidance as we build this framework which will further strengthen SCWIST’s presence regionally. Many thanks Dr. Poh Tan & team as well as SIG leads and volunteers for your dedication to SCWIST mission and support as we build our path forward!

– From the desk of Dr. Aska Patel, Director of Community Building.

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