SCWIST Announces New Pilot Project “Supporting Safe STEM Workplaces”

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SCWIST is pleased to announce new funding from the Department of Justice Canada for a project to support safe STEM workplaces. The project, in partnership with WomanACT, aims to prevent sexual harassment within the Canadian STEM industry through improving access to legal supports and providing resources for victims of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a prevalent issue across Canada that permeates into places of work. Research has shown that one in four Canadians have experienced sexual harassment at work or at a work function. Sexual harassment in the workplace can negatively impact productivity and motivation in the workplace, increase stress, as well as increase the likelihood of employees leaving their jobs.

“Sexual harassment and gender harassment simply does not belong in the workplace. A workplace should be a safe place to create, flourish and contribute in a team environment to the task at hand. I am grateful that SCWIST and Woman ACT are tackling this problem firsthand and will work with STEM companies to implement the required changes to create that safe environment. We need women in the STEM field!” – Elisabeth Paul, Director of Policy & Impact, SCWIST

To help address these issues, the project will provide tailored support and training to companies within the STEM field. The support will help prevent sexual harassment through developing comprehensive policy, establishing trauma-informed reporting mechanisms, and developing avenues for resolution and referral pathways.

SCWIST and WomanACT are currently accepting applications from STEM workplaces that would be interested in becoming involved in the pilot project. Partner companies will receive the following support:

  • Development and deliverance of training on legislation, rights and responsibility of employers and employees, and bystander intervention;
  • Support with development of policy and trauma-informed reporting mechanisms;
  • Establishing avenues for resolution and referral routes to support;
  • Develop strategies for increasing transparency within workplaces.

If your organization may be a good fit as a partner for this project, please refer to the Letter of Interest (LOI) for more information and a form to contact us. Any questions may be submitted to Amanda Mack, Project Coordinator.

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