Anti-Black Racism Statement

Beginning a Conversation on Anti-Racism SCWIST’s vision is an environment without barriers for girls and women in STEM which includes the additional barriers that Black girls and women face due to… Read More

Annual General Meeting

We are excited to announce that we will be holding the SCWIST Annual General Meeting virtually this year on Wednesday June 17 at 5:15 – 8:15 pm As a member of SCWIST, you can have a say in who r… Read More

Amplify the Voices of Our SCWIST Partner—Informed Opinions

One of SCWIST’s partners in the SCALE Project is Shari Graydon, who created Informed Opinions to amplify women’s voices and who works to achieve gender balance in the media. Check out the Gender Ga… Read More

Gender Bias in Academic Conferences

by Kassandra Burd With the majority of men dominating STEM fields, it is not surprising to hear that the majority of presenters and speakers at academic conferences are predominantly male. While th… Read More

Introducing Zoe Elverum!

Introducing Zoe Elverum, one of the incredibly talented recipients of the SCWIST Youth Skills Development Scholarship. She will be participating in the Skills Nunavut Territorial and Skills Canada com… Read More

SCWIST Short Term Contract Opportunity

SCWIST is seeking a resourceful and proactive contractor, “Communications and Events Process Improvement Specialist“, to join our team. The role reports to the Director of Policy & Imp… Read More

SCWIST Advances Gender Equality As Part Of National Call To Action

Advancing gender equality in Canada will require collective action on four priorities identified by the Gender Equality Network Canada (GENC). Three SCWIST representatives – Christin Wiedemann,… Read More

2020 Wonder Women Networking Evening

SCWIST was extremely proud to host the 2020 Wonder Women Networking Evening, in collaboration with Science World in Vancouver, on 9 March 2020. Since the inaugural event in 1993, the annual Wonder… Read More

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

SCWIST recently participated in the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT) – Closing the Gender Pay Gap Event hosted by the Women’s Leadership Council (https://www.boardoftrade.com/events/individual… Read More

Women’s Role in The Race to a COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by Kassandra Burd, M.Sc. Cognitive Neuropsychology, University of Kent In the midst of a health pandemic, it is difficult to hold on to hope. The influx of negative news bombarding our soci… Read More