Making it Rain at SCWIST: Meet the New Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising Team!

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When people ask me why I joined and volunteer with SCWIST, I tell them that I believe in the organization’s cause, am amazed at its dedication to improving the presence and influence of women and girls in STEM, and how it is powered/driven by relentless energy from dedicated, motivated, and inspirational volunteers who believe we can get to a place where equity in STEM is no longer a gender issue.

As the Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising for SCWIST, I learned that fundraising is a developed skill, and it is about building relationships where values align. Building and nurturing trustworthy relationships with our donors are crucial to ensure their contributions are realized and bring meaningful impact to SCWIST members and the community. Relationship building is just as important for the people who are part of my team. I take inspiration in every meeting and encounter I have with them. I am truly thankful to have the privilege to lead and work with a collaborative team of professionals. Each of them brings their expertise, experience, ideas, and energy to contribute to SCWIST’s mission.

Our team was formed just two months ago, and the progress and impact that the team has already brought to the organization has been incredible. In the short months, we’ve worked with our donors and partners to be part of SCWIST initiatives and programming that will redefine what equity means for women and girls in STEM.

We are a team of 8 who’ve made a pledge to each other and to the organization to always work together from a place of care, respect, and honesty, as well as virtues and values that each of us live by in our professional and personal lives. At the beginning, we agreed to create a collaborative space where creativity, new ideas, challenges, and innovation can be shared without judgement and most of all, we put people first. Our team sounds great, doesn’t it? So, who are the wonderful individuals on the fundraising team that I am so lucky to work with? Meet them here: Gigi Lau, Michael Le, Lucia Leon-Valdez, Gisell Pazmino, Vidhu Sharma, Sonja Soo, and Marie Wood.

– From the desk of Dr. Poh Tan, Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships and Fundraising.

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