SCWIST 2013 Annual General Meeting [Event Recap]

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What a great AGM we had this year! Last year we thought we had the best turnout ever but this year we had double the turnout! Many thanks to all those attended – your support and involvement is the driving force behind SCWIST!

We will be sending out the meeting minutes to our members soon but here are some of the highlights from the evening.

Our Board of Directors summarized the various SCWIST events and behind-the-scenes work over the past year. As many of you already know,our XX Evening was a huge success with a record number of attendees ever! Our Brownbag Series has also become very popular: why not have your lunch while learning something new and meeting new friends!

Our 2012-2013 President, Dr. Maria Issa, gave us a brief history of SCWIST and the story on how the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Michael Smith, not only generously donated a portion of his prize money to SCWIST, but ingeniously and successfully asked our government to match the donation! But, in order to keep SCWIST going, we still need to actively apply for grants for the various networking projects and professional development workshops that we deliver to our members. In fact, we have something very exciting planned for this year, so stay tuned!

We had such a productive discussion of our new bylaws that we are having another meeting to continue that discussion. The time and date of this meeting will be announced soon.

Finally, the greatest moment for me at the AGM was to hear Dr. Hilda Ching speak and to have an opportunity to talk to her one-on-one! She is one of the founders of SCWIST and still radiates so much passion and energy that it is contagious. We also voted to have Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first woman astronaut, be inducted as a SCWIST honorary member!

Thanks again to everyone who came out. And much thanks and appreciation to our members for supporting SCWIST over the years! We hope to connect with more of you in the coming year!

Please stay tuned for our AGM minutes, President’s message, and announcement of our 2013 Board of Directors.

Written by Christiana Cheng, SCWIST Communications Coordinator


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