SCWIST is recognized for mentoring girls in STEM!

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Our new President, Ms. Rosine Hage-Moussa, was interviewed by the Globe and Mail in which she explained her motivation on helping girls in pursuit of a career in STEM and working with SCWIST to close the gender gap in the fields of sciences and technology.

The following is an expert from an article published in The Globe and Mail on Wednesday, Jun. 26 2013.  For the full article, please visit The Globe and Mail website.

Rosine Hage-Moussa attended a science conference in Montreal shortly after she graduated with a biology degree in 2005 and was astounded to find that she was the only woman in the room.

“And I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I can’t be here,” Ms. Hage-Moussa, the manager of programs and outreach at LifeSciences BC, said Wednesday. “All these men just walked right by me and they didn’t care and I was so frustrated and I said, ‘This is not fair.’ Because in university you never felt that way.”

New data from the 2011 Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey suggest her perceptions were well-founded.

Governments have been reaching out to young women in an effort to convince them to consider the STEM professions. And a number of organizations like the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology are mentoring girls who are drawn to science and engineering.

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