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You’re Invited to MakePossible

We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a new version of MakePossible!

Since our creation in 1981, SCWIST has recognized the importance of mentorship for women in STEM. Some of our first programs were designed to help women and girls gain access to opportunities and cultivate their confidence in what were still often male-dominated environments. 

Yet despite significant progress, SCWIST knew that more needed to be done to help women in STEM create meaningful mentoring relationships and connections to advance their careers. 

Enter MakePossible

Growing Communities

Originally launched in 2014, MakePossible was created by SCWIST to ensure women in STEM had a safe virtual space to connect with mentors, share skills and expertise and access leadership development opportunities. 

As our MakePossible mentoring community has grown, its needs have grown as well. That’s why we’re making the move to a new platform. The new MakePossible community will be hosted on Mighty Networks, a platform dedicated to building online communities, and which offers exciting features like online events, courses, polls and more. 

Get Connected

This will allow us – and our MakePossible community – to focus more on creating opportunities where people can mentor and be mentored, make networking connections, join professional development opportunities and more. 

Want to learn more? Join the MakePossible community today. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to sign up!

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