ms infinity Youth Leadership Program: Ravina Kaur Gill

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This past spring, SCWIST/ms infinity was proud to offer a Youth Skills Development Scholarship.  The scholarship was open to girls (age 16-21) who have participated in a Quantum Leaps conference or ms infinity eMentoring program, and is awarded to cover costs of professional development. One of our recipients, Rauvina Kaur Gill, is putting the scholarship towards courses that will enable her to participate in the Co-op program at UBC. Read on to learn more about Ravina and the impact of her eMentoring experience with SCWIST: 

“As a student pursuing a STEM career, the most valuable knowledge comes not from university lectures, but from hands-on experience acquired within an industry itself. Too often this experience is only available after graduation. However, after my Physics 12 teacher recommended I join the eMentoring program at SCWIST, I was introduced to co-operative education(co-op) by my amazing mentor, Grace. Co-op is a program offered at many universities where students can apply their skills within the industry on a work term. In most co-op programs, students alternate between work and study terms, thus gaining the full experience of a career in their desired industry. Going into eMentoring, I didn’t think I would be getting such a great match; Grace had vast experience in mechanical engineering and she shared her daughters’ journeys through university. It was here that Grace first told me about this program, as both her daughters have taken part in co-op at their respective universities. After looking into the program at UBC, I realized that co-op would play a beneficial role in my future as a computer science major.”

Our next session of eMentoring will happen in the fall. Quantum Leaps women in STEM career conferences can be arranged at any time of year with support from the ms infinity program. Visit the ms infinity page to learn more.

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