40 Years of Giving: The SCWIST Board of Directors

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Did you know?

As SCWIST grows, expands, and connects across Canada, the Society relies on the strategic vision of its volunteer Board of Directors. Yes, volunteer! The Directors give many hours of their time – usually upwards of 50 or 60 hours, some lots more – every month. This they do ‘for the love of STEM’ and to support all women in STEM across Canada. 

The Board members do this for free as they are, by law, not allowed to accept any payment. The Societies Act of BC states that “Unless permitted by the bylaws, a society must not pay to a director of the society remuneration for being a director.”

SCWIST’s own bylaws state “The Board of Directors … [s]hall not receive any remuneration.” This also means that by being on the SCWIST Board, a board member is not taking a potential job away from anyone. 

While the Board is not remunerated, there are many benefits to being on the SCWIST Board: the experience of running a non-profit charity is – as they say – priceless, as is the friendship and camaraderie of like-minded people who wish to serve. The opportunity to work with great teams, develop great ideas, create innovative programs and to be able to say “WE did this, together! WE are part of something great!” is probably the best payment one can have: it is hugely satisfying.

So, it is not surprising that not only do Board members work for free, they also sign a Board Contract that among many things, states that “Each year I will make a personal financial contribution [to SCWIST] at a level that is meaningful to me.” Some people put hard cash on the table, others gently do not request reimbursements for expenses incurred on behalf of SCWIST. Many refuse honoraria, or ‘pay it forward’ to the next speaker or panellist. Each to her own, quietly, without fanfare… because, again, as they say, Board members “Put their money where their mouth is!”

Because of this kind of commitment SCWIST has lived and grown for 40 years. No surprises there either.

If you’re feeling inspired by our Board of Directors, please consider donating to SCWIST for Giving Tuesday. This year our goal is to raise $2,500, with proceeds raised going towards the many events and programs we have planned for the coming year – all of which support women and girls in STEM.

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