Why become a member?

Our SCWIST membership represents all fields in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and members have a wide range of skills, expertise and leadership levels. 

Members include university undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, professors, STEM educators, research scientists, technicians, technologists, engineers, software developers, IT professionals, project managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, as well as retired STEM professionals and those seeking STEM employment.

Membership Benefits

  • Network
    Being a member makes you a part of a diverse network of STEM women supporters
  • Develop Skills
    Gain discounted access to skill development workshops and events
  • Mentorship
    Join our FREE mentorship online platform to build your network, develop skills and advance your career
  • SCWIST Events
    10 – 15 annual networking events and professional development workshops offered to free or at discounted rates 
  • Savings on Non SCWIST Events
    Get access to members-only discounts and perks at SCWIST community partner events 
  • Job Board
    Explore new career opportunities in our newsletter and on our website job board
  • Volunteer
    Learn how to run events, marketing campaigns, write blogs/newsletters, create STEM programs, mentor 
  • Advocacy
    Opportunities to work together to advocate and advance women in STEM
  • Have a Voice
    Vote for new board members, join a committee, be nominated as a board member – gain experience in leadership!

Honourary Members

SCWIST recognizes long-standing members who provide exceptional contributions to the organization and its mission with a life-long honourary membership. Names are required to be put forward at an Annual General Meeting and accepted by a three-quarter vote of the membership in attendance.

We thank the following honourary members for all that they have done (and continue to do!) for SCWIST: Kathleen Akins, Louise Beaton, Margaret Benston*, Hilda Ching, Anne Condon, Betty Dwyer, Sandra Eix, Frances Fournier, Diana Herbst, Maria Issa, Maria Klawe, Anja Lanz, Penny LeCouteur, Julia Levy, Hiromi Matsui, Joanne Melville, Barbara Moon, Judith Myers, Evelyn Palmer, Shauna Paull, Gordana Pejic, Martha Piper, Joe Quan*, Linda Reid, Abby Schwarz, Mary Vickers


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