We Lift As We Climb – Women, Money and Leadership [Event Recap]

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On Feb 2nd, 2012, SCWIST held a financial planning workshop entitled “ We Lift as We Climb – Women, Money and Leadership,” which aimed to clarify the issues surrounding financial planning and labour negotiations of women. The event was led by Tracy Theemes, co-founder of Sophia Financial Planning, a financial planning group which specializes in developing investment strategies for women.

In a cozy atmosphere and with an elegant afternoon snack of sushi and wine, the group of 17 participants could relax and discuss why women’s wages are different from men, how women are occupying a major index in the work market and any other problems of similar nature.

It was an enlightening and entertaining event despite the seriousness of the topic. The speaker encouraged the group of attendees to reflect on how to improve the conditions under which each one works and reconcile these issues with familial life.

Described by some of the attendees: “friendly environment and wonderful speaker,” “amazing atmosphere, the room, the food, the drinks, and truffles. Very classy. I liked the oval table. Also, good group of women and the speaker. Speaker had presence” and “intimate roundtable discussion.”

By Melissa Montoril

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