Effective Resumes [Event Recap]

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IWIS hosted another event on April 25, 2013. Nick Arden from SkillMatching.com talked about Effective Resumes to a small group gathered at Waves Coffee downtown. Everybody enjoyed their lattes and had a chance to set up their first resumes using this system.

SkillMatching.com system, to be launched officially next week, gathers the important information from both employers and employees, uses gathered information to match them by skills, keeping both parties anonymous for the first round of selections. It is not a social media system or a bulletin board as many currently available systems.

The matching algorithm behind the system is designed to find a job for you and leave you free to pursue other interests, improve your skills through courses, work another job or go on a vacation. Nick believes the times of the traditional job search involving sending hundreds of resumes and relying on the interview to get the information about personality style required for the position and company culture are over.

Many companies already have the human resources databases but there are not always up to date. SkillMatching.com system will widen the search pool for the companies and enable potential candidates to record their skills and needs in one place for an easy update. Some company may even decide to keep their current employees skills updated for the internal job postings and to enable employee’s career advancement.

If you join SkillMatching.com as a job seeker you will have no cost. The companies will be charged only when they acquire an employee using the system. SkillMatching.com is socially responsible as every participating employer will donate a percentage of the new employee’s salary to the charity of their choice.

The event attendees were still reluctant to abandon the traditional job search tools but they all find SkillMatching.com very useful addition to their job search tool box. This system is definitely something to watch for in the future. At present, add your resume to the system and test Nick’s predictions. Who knows, maybe your dream job will lend in your inbox while you are vacationing on Hawaii.

Written by Gordana Pejic – Director, IWIS

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