Overcome Your Resistance and Embrace Virtual Networking

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Overcome Your Objections and Embrace Virtual Networking

Learning to love virtual networking

Networking is not only a great way to find new job opportunities, it’s an easy way to make connections with new friends and professionals who will be able to support you throughout your career journey.

SCWIST and iWIST (Island Women in Science and Technology) recently came together to host ‘Overcome Your Resistance and Embrace Virtual Networking’, an event where women in STEM could connect while brushing up on their networking skills.

During the event, participants first heard a short talk from Professional Career Coach Sue Maitland on how to craft the perfect three-part introduction before launching into breakout rooms to practice their newfound skills.

“It was my first time attending a networking event, and this event made it super approachable and fun! I had a really great time, and it makes me more inclined to network by myself [and] attend more events like these,” said one participant after the event.

“I thought the event was great and super enriching!” said another. “Great job on it.”

How to Introduce Yourself

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Get Involved

Take your virtual networking skills to the next level. Book a 20-minute complimentary consultation with Sue Maitland. Stay up to date with all the latest SCWIST news, events and programming by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

SCWIST sets up workshops, panel discussions and networking events for the STEM community. If you are a STEM speaker, coach or organization looking to collaborate, please reach out to us. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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