Annual General Meeting – 2020

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We are excited to announce that we will be holding the SCWIST Annual General Meeting virtually this year on:

Wednesday June 17 at 5:15 – 8:15 pm

As a member of SCWIST, you can have a say in who runs our organization. We will be presenting a list of short-listed candidates for the SCWIST board next term. With your vote, you will have the opportunity to ensure we are building a board that represents you.

Despite being a virtual Zoom event, we wish to maintain the opportunity for networking, mentoring, and building friendships that our AGM has been in the past. The Chat feature will be open to all guests to network and connect with each other. All SCWIST members may join the AGM especially if they are passionate about career development for women. We hope our virtual AGM will be an awesome event for networking and will lead to long-term connections. Join us and meet like-minded women, find a mentor, or just spend time listening to the discussions.

You also get a say in the society’s direction.  The AGM is the place to voice your ideas and concerns, share with the directors the events and programs you want to see from our society, and learn about volunteering opportunities.

The AGM is your opportunity to shape the future of SCWIST. Without your voice, SCWIST would not be the organization it is today.

We will follow up soon with an invite to the Zoom meeting room, agenda for the meeting, and an AGM report containing reports on SCWIST programs and committees, profiles of the proposed new board members, details on a special resolution proposed by the board to update part of the society bylaws, details of our new fiscal year budget, and more!

Stay tuned! And mark the date in your calendar.

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