SCWIST Supports The For Women in Science Manifesto

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For Women in Science Manifesto

The For Women in Science program recently published a manifesto which lists six commitments to help increase the representation of women in science:

  1. Encourage girls to explore scientific career paths.
  2. Break down the barriers that prevent women scientists from pursuing long-term careers in research.
  3. Prioritise women’s access to senior positions and leadership positions in the sciences.
  4. Celebrate with the general public the contribution that women scientists make to scientific progress and to society.
  5. Ensure gender equality through participation and leadership in symposiums and scientific commissions such as conferences, committees and board meetings.
  6. Promote mentoring and networking for young scientists to enable them to plan and develop careers that meet their expectations.

As a not-for profit organization dedicated to promoting women in science, SCWIST is always happy to hear about new initiatives that aim to increase gender equality in the scientific fields. It is especially inspiring and exciting when such initiatives are built on partnerships with large organizations and companies that set good examples for others to follow.

The six commitments in the For Women in Science Manifesto align very well with SCWIST’s work through various programs and events:

  1. The ms infinity program is designed to introduce girls to exciting career options and positive female role models in science and technology.
  2. We boost the numbers, retention and status of women in the workplace by facilitating networking, mentoring and advocating woman-friendly policies.
  3. We advocate for gender parity by raising public awareness and guiding policy implementation.
  4. We highlight opportunities, achievements and positive messages for and about women in the field.
  5. SCWIST’s members form a strong community of individuals and organizations who actively promotes, encourages and empowers women and girls in science, engineering and technology by organizing and attending events, conferences and symposiums.
  6. The Make Possible program provides mentoring support, networking connections, professional development and leadership opportunities to help women reach their full potential in the technology sector and all STEM fields.

Now we are hoping that there will be a corresponding action plan that can help guide educational institutes, organization and companies – in BC and world-wide – that are committed to taking the next step towards gender equality.

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