Get Back to Nature Owl Show [Event Recap]

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SCWIST had a meet-up event at the Richmond Nature Park today, and a couple of our members were on-site to check it out. Owls were the topic of the day, and we were treated to live owls, family craft activities and presentations by the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of B.C.

Different species of owls are found throughout the province and some are considered to be at the brink of extinction For example, the small Burrowing Owl and the beautiful Spotted Owl are alarmingly dwindling in numbers and recovery/conservation efforts are underway to make sure these birds continue to flourish. Living in B.C., we have the fortune of seeing these magnificent birds in our own backyard. Next time you do the Grouse Grind or walking through the Pacific Spirit Park, keep a lookout for owls!

And FYI, Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, is a Snowy Owl and this species was spotted wintering in the Tsawwassen area for the past two years during December and January. Wouldn’t it be magical if they come back again, year after year?!

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