SCWIST Meet-up – Get Back to Nature Mushroom Show

Did you know, there are thousands of wild mushroom varieties in the Lower mainland?

Some are highly poisonous while others are priced for their delicious flavours, up to $100/lb for pine mushrooms!

Enthusiasts from the mycological society of Vancouver put up an exhibition of their haul at the Richmond nature park and SCWIST members were there to check it out during a meet-up event.

Mushrooms make up an important part of the ecosystem and so versatile. Some are sought after for their medicinal capabilities and others for their aesthetic properties.

Our next meet-up event is on Dec. 1st, same place, same time. Get ready for some Owl fun!

Pretty but toxic!

Yummy Chanterelle mushrooms

Witches hat mushrooms.

Mushrooms found in the lower mainland.