Introduction to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Addressing Unconscious Bias

Video highlights common gender bias assumptions. Why is this important? How does this hold people back? (5 min)

Inclusion starts with I

Video highlights the importance of creating a workplace culture where everyone feels they belong. (3.5 min)

Business Case

The Case for Gender Equality: by Global Compact Network Canada
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Catalyst: Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters
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Measuring Results

Basics – Why Diversity Matters?

Start here for an overview of why it's important to attract diverse talent and create inclusive workplace cultures where everyone thrives.

Individual Action

Individuals can inspire others to take action, and follow best practices themselves to advance EDI in their communities and workplaces.
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Organizational Action

Organizations can make a big difference! Attract and advance diverse talent. Create an inclusive workplace culture where everyone thrives. Develop policies that focus on equity.
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Government Action

Government policy and legislation can change the frameworks that individuals and corporations operate within. Government also frequently leads the way by example.
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