Project Summary: Make DIVERSITY Possible

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Make DIVERSITY Possible

Make DIVERSITY Possible is a SCWIST project funded by the Department of Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) Canada to advance gender diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Make DIVERSITY Possible builds on the successful Women in Technology Project, also funded by WAGE, that created MakePossible, SCWIST’s on-line platform that focuses on 360 degree mentoring, skill exchange and life-long learning. MakePossible ( makes it possible for women and men from diverse STEM sectors to connect, find mentors, exchange skills and share expertise.  In the Make DIVERSITY Possible project, the SCWIST team works with STEM companies to create diversity tools and to build inclusive workplace cultures – that embrace and advance a diverse workforce.

Implicit bias is definitely a problem we need to address to advance gender equality. Companies need to find ways to eliminate implicit bias from the recruitment, hiring and promotion processes – so that they can attract, retain and advance diverse talent to support stronger economic performance.

Maria Issa, Project Chair

Recruiting a diverse workforce is just the first step. We need to create inclusive workplace environments that encourage and support diversity; environments where everyone can thrive and be happy.

Christin Wiedemann, SCWIST President 2016-2018

We know that diversity in a STEM workplace drives innovation, collaboration, creative solutions and improved performance.  Diversity then becomes a competitive advantage for both employers and employees in BC and across Canada.   Our goal with this project is to Make DIVERSITY Possible.

Cheryl Kristiansen, Project Manager

Gender Equality Network Canada Participation

A critical part of the project involves working with a pan-Canadian network of 150 women leaders to share local project expertise, collaborate and leverage resources to create a national action-oriented plan to advance equality for women.

SCWIST appointed three women leaders to participate in the Gender Equality Network Canada:

  • Christin Wiedemann – a Physicist, Co-CEO and Chief Scientist at PQA Testing, and past President of SCWIST
  • Fariba Pacheleh – a Computer Scientist, Senior Project Manager at BCLDB, WebAlliance Vice-Chair and BCIT PTS Instructor
  • Anja Lanz – a Design Engineer at Haakon Industries, President of Women in Engineering (Vancouver Region) and Past Chair of DAWEG/EGBC

For more information, please contact SCWIST Project Manager, Cheryl Kristiansen:

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