SCWIST Summer Picnic [Event Recap]

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On August 20th, the SCWIST team and members enjoyed a relaxing picnic at the Lacarno Beach. Under the gorgeous weather, we mingled while feasting on delicious food.  The most popular food was definitely the home-made cake, made by our event committee member, Stephanie.

Our leading organizer of the event, Ras, came with her family. We had the pleasure of meeting and playing with her baby – who was our youngest male representative.  The ice – cream truck passed by several times during the picnic. One of our attendees shared an interesting tip on how to distract your kids from an ice-cream truck: Tell them that it only plays music when it runs out of ice-cream!

Thanks to everyone who came to the picnic and for spending a wonderful time with us!

A big thank you to the SCWIST event committee for putting together an amazing summer event, especially Ras who shopped for food and brought all the picnic accessories.

Photo credit: Ras Mulinta

Written by: Lee Ling Yang

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