Networking: Accessing the Hidden Job Market [IWIS Event Recap]

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“Where, who and how should I network?”

These questions and many more were answered at SCWIST’s Networking: Accessing the Hidden Job Market workshop on May 2 2012.

Jennifer Trost, a consultant and owner of Trost Consulting, shared her personal experiences of being new to Vancouver and having to build her network from scratch. Her empowering story reminded us that networking is vital to finding the unadvertised or pre-advertised job opportunities.

Jennifer provided a comprehensive guide as to what to do before, during and after attending a networking event. She emphasised the importance of identifying and researching the industry in which you would like to work. She also offered practical tips on what to wear and how to start a conversation at networking events. The audience was surprised when Jennifer pointed out that following up after networking events is not limited to emails. Personalised, written thank you cards that people can leave on their desks are very much appreciated and often lead to significant impacts. The event reached a climax when the participants were asked to bring their personal stories to the table and help answer questions from other participants.

Another highlight of the event occurred when participants had the opportunity to share their “elevator pitch”, a 30-60 second summary that tells a compelling story of themselves, particularly about whom they are and also what their achievements and goals are. This interactive exercise gave the participants a chance to receive feedback on how to improve their pitch and more importantly, how to network with each other.

At the end of the talk, Jennifer encouraged us to overcome our fears and practice networking with persistence. After all, as Jennifer nicely put it, “networking is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

On behalf of IWIS, I would like to thank our speaker, Jennifer Trost and our attendees for the inspiring discussion! We hope to see you all again!

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By: Lee Ling

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