The Chemistry of Beer [Event Recap]

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The Chemistry of Beer, talk for laymen and scientist, by Ken Beattie, on January 20th this year, was an outstanding success.

Everyone who attended raved about the facts they learned about beer and how the combination of all of the different ingredients went into making each beer type a bit different. Ken passed around samples of hops and of malt and all in the audience got to smell them and see what they looked like.

After the talk finished, Ken had four different kinds of beers out for tasting – each paired with a different kind of food that brought out the essence of each beer type. Even for those who normally do not drink beer, the tasting experience was excellent.

A few attendees even took pictures of the beers so they could remember what kinds they were.

All in all it was a great evening in a beautiful and central location, the Hollyhock Room of Tides Canada – right downtown.  Stay tuned, for we are looking forward to bring you another beer lecture with a slightly different theme fairly soon.

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