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Jan 2013

Hello SCWIST Members and Friends,

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

We look at the present through a rear view mirror; we walk backwards into the future

This one of my favourite Marshall McLuhan quotes and while he meant it differently, I am grateful for those mirrors and look backwards with thanks: so many people have been so good to SCWIST!

The Board of Directors and I want to thank SCWIST’s many friends who have supported the Society and its mission in a very concrete way – they sent us cheques! Thank you, dear donors and sustaining members, for your generosity – we know who you are, at least in most cases. Thanks go also to our anonymous donors and people who wish to honour someone: with them we honour Michael Whelan and “Madeline.”

There are many people who have contributed to SCWIST’s successes over the past year. I would like to highlight our Events Team who give of their time and enthusiasm to organize programs that interest you, connect you to fellow members, give you food for thought; and our Communications Team who make the events a success by keeping you informed, the website updated, the social media feeds running. During the past few months I have interacted with these two teams and saw some impressive people in action:

Kristi Charish

Katja Dralle

Ras Mulinta

Camila Nepomuceno

Jane O’Hara

Nadya Ogloff

Vladimirka Pereula

They do magic – in their spare time! Thank you, all of you, for all you do for all of us! And, Thanks to the Events and Communications Teams’ efforts, two fun events await you early in the New Year:

 SCWIST’s New Year – New Beginnings event on January 11

Family Movie Night on January 22

Plan to be there – for several reasons: it might be fun; you may renew old friendships; you may make new ones (your Board and the Founders will be there!), and you will find out about some things going on in SCWIST that you might want to try. Definitely worth it: through SCWIST, I have made friends for a lifetime.

There are many other people who have also contributed their time, energy and ENTHUSIASM to SCWIST – too many to name, but not too many to meet on Jan 11! A big thanks go to every one of them!!!

Hope to see you soon!


Dr. Maria Gyongyossy-Issa

President, SCWIST


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