Susan Vickers – Recipient of SCWIST Scholarship for the Banff Science Communications Program

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Congratulations to Susan Vickers who is the recipient of the SCWIST Scholarship for the Banff Science Communications Program this year!

Susan Vickers is originally from Scotland and has a Masters degree in Chemistry from the University of Glasgow. She is currently in the final stages of her PhD in Chemistry at the University of British Columbia. Her research involves making new nanomaterials that break down pollutants in the exhaust from natural gas-powered vehicles. During her PhD Susan became involved with a number of science communication initiatives including Science World’s Future Science Leaders program, Café Scientifique Vancouver, Science Borealis blog network and UBC Chemistry department’s outreach program. Discussing chemistry and science with the public has become one of Susan’s passions in life. She loves watching people get excited about chemistry and her pet peeve is people using the word “chemical” to mean “anything that is bad for your body or the environment”. When not doing or talking about science Susan loves to bake, ski badly or play Settlers of Catan with a cold beer.

Good luck at the program this summer!  We look forward to hearing your experience!


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