Presidents Blog: March 2014

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Spring and SCWIST

As a non-profit organization which has been managed mainly by volunteers since its inception in 1981, SCWIST has had a long history of creative and inspiring initiatives which cover many aspects of connecting women in science, technology, and engineering. The month of March represents one of those great initiatives in form of an event called XX Evening or the Double X Event. The event takes place annually at Science World where approximately 30 Wonder Women meet with over 150 young girls and women to provide support, insight, and connections in a fun and encouraging environment. This year’s event took place on March 5 and you can view photos and more on  our Facebook page.

March is also a celebration of International Women’s Day. This is our chance to celebrate all aspects of social, political, and economic achievements for women around the world.

I personally like this month as it promises new beginnings and new life as Spring approaches.

As you may have heard, SCWIST is undertaking some new initiatives including our new mentorship program funded by Status of Women Canada. This program will support, enable, and empower women in STEM careers in all leadership levels.

To inspire positive change, we are counting on a collective effort by women who would like to see and experience this shift. We also want to reach men who want to support their partners, daughters, co-workers or simply think this is the right thing to do!

I am incredibly amazed by the level of commitment by our board members and the energy they put into their roles. We also can’t forget about our members who are supporting us in many ways, especially with their valuable time and resources.

So, let’s plant even more colorful flowers for SCWIST this spring by supporting our incredible and tireless committees such as IWIS, Events, ms infinity, Status of Women, Grants, and more! By volunteering your time and using your intellect and passion, you can make a difference toward positive change. Become a member, become a volunteer and help expand horizons for all.

Fariba Pacheleh, President

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