Make Possible Mentorship Network – SCWIST Becoming Leaders Workshop

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Make Possible Mentoring Network                

SCWIST Becoming Leaders Workshop

The Becoming Leaders Workshop held on Sept 17th was filled with a group of energetic, professional women with a passion for learning.   The WinSETT workshop included many opportunities to network and work collaboratively in small groups to discuss challenges facing women in leadership, identify the unique strengths that we have and to develop strategies to overcome challenges.

Guest speakers included SCWIST President Fariba Pachelel, who shared her leadership path in the technology sector, observations from the boardroom and goals to challenge the status quo.   Fariba identified key leadership characteristics, described the differences between a leader and a boss, and encouraged participants to build their confidence, create a personal vision, and to develop SMART goals to attain their leadership aspirations.

Make Possible Project Manager Cheryl Kristiansen shared an update on the project and key lessons from her leadership path in the oil and gas sector. Her insights from recent work in STEM transformation included the importance of having a passion and a purpose – and the perseverance to achieve both. She also encouraged participants to embrace all opportunities to learn to lead – and that learning is connected, collaborative and continuous.

WinSETT faciliator Edna Dach, an experienced educator and IT professional, delivered key messages on leadership that included:

  • Leadership competencies – you can learn and practice
  • Lead from wherever you are
  • Take responsibility and be proactive
  • Solutions are at hand – you are not alone
  • Values are qualities chosen by you; your behaviour demonstrates those values
  • Leadership growth takes commitment, courage and practice

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